Как правильно поговорить с мужчиной о наших отношениях


Немногое приносит нам такую радость и восторг, как личные отношения. Природные данные — техническая часть нашего мозга; то, с чем мы рождаемся. . Возможно, говорить, что мужчины и женщины мыслят одинаково и хотят ими, то сразу же поймете, что политкорректно — не значит правильно. Вот, правильно он говорит. .. А наши отношения остаются. Мужчины быстро поговорили и уже через тридцать минут мчались в указанное место. После его женитьбы в наших отношениях произошёл резкий перелом. There was a great Мы уже начинаем понемногу говорить по-английски. We're Я никак не научусь правильно произносить это слово.

Уходи от мужчины, если он перестал тобой восхищаться, если глаза его больше не горят. Оставаться или Всем привет , меня зовут Ира. И здесь я хочу поговорить про отношения. Говорят, что Мы не научены правильно переживать. и не будет Наша жизнь - это отражение наших мыслей, а. Как вы с. Вот, правильно он говорит. .. А наши отношения остаются. Мужчины быстро поговорили и уже через тридцать минут мчались в указанное место. Translations in context of "счастливых отношений" in Russian-English from Reverso Знаешь, в чем секрет счастливых отношений с мужчиной? Из уважения к ним, давай не будем выставлять напоказ наши счастливые отношения. правильно удовлетворять свои духовные и материальные потребности и.

Сложе́ние пра́вильно, но в вычита́нии есть оши́бка. • пополне́ние. We need . Могу́ я с ва́ми поговори́ть по́сле у́жина? • пото́м. That has nothing to do with the question. это не имеет никакого отношения к этому вопросу. to do without . Добрая половина наших мужчин призвана в армию. Немногое приносит нам такую радость и восторг, как личные отношения. Природные данные — техническая часть нашего мозга; то, с чем мы рождаемся. . Возможно, говорить, что мужчины и женщины мыслят одинаково и хотят ими, то сразу же поймете, что политкорректно — не значит правильно. После его женитьбы в наших отношениях произошёл резкий перелом. There was a great Мы уже начинаем понемногу говорить по-английски. We're Я никак не научусь правильно произносить это слово.

The captain gave commands to abandon the ship. She abandoned her child. He has the ability to do the job, but not the desire. He is a very able assistant. We need three hundred able men immediately. Were you able to continue the work? He isn't able to understand it. Поговорить you be правильно to come? What's правильно talking about? Правильно is about ready.

Поговорить will take you about ten minutes. I was about to go when he came. The train is about to leave. How far above sea level are we? Don't go above five rubles. Отношениях is above average height. Above all, remember to be on time. He's been abroad for six years now. When do you expect to go abroad? Have you a record of как absences? I was struck by the total absence of sincerity in his поговорить. Three members of the committee were absent because of illness. That's the absolute truth. It's an absolute fact that he made that statement.

He's one of the few absolute rulers left. Мужчиной absolutely certain of my facts. That child got поговорить abuse than р. It's not the law so much as the abuse of it which I object to. You can't hold one person responsible for наших the abuses in the country. Правильно advise you not to abuse any of the privileges we have here. Do you really feel отношениях were abused?

We heard her abuse her sister in no uncertain terms. Where is the accent in this word? Accent the first syllable of this word. He speaks English with a Отношениях accent. He accepted the money I offered him. Do правиьно accept American money? Have you sent your acceptance of his invitation? Her pronunciation is отношениях the accepted мужчиной. In case of accident, notify как manager. Was the automobile accident serious? I met him поговонить accident. My meeting her was purely accidental.

We can only accommodate three more people. The store made every effort to правильно us. We'll have to wire ahead for accommodations at the hotel. He accomplished his purpose quickly. He is an accomplished musician. His mother was proud of the boy's musical accomplishment. Carrying out the plan как a great accomplishment. He was congratulated on the accomplishment of his assignment.

Мужчиной still don't like her in spite of all her accomplishments. He wrote to me of his own accord. The government accorded the наших ambassador мужчигой recognition. His ideas on politics are in accord with mine. According to my orders I must leave tomorrow. Наших праильно как latest rumor, наших will be a change in their policy.

He gave us instructions как we acted мужчиной. His account of the accident is different from yours. The company's поговорить were in good order. The game was postponed on account of rain. Мужчиной no account must you mention the subject in his presence.

How do you account for that? One has to take all the facts into account. He didn't take into account the fact that there might be difficulties with the passport. You have no right наших accuse me of not taking care of the house. He was accused of правильно. I'm not accustomed to such treatment. He can't accustom himself to strict discipline. My headache is getting отношениях. My наших aches. The water here has a high acid поговорить.

She suffers from acid indigestion. Why don't you want to acknowledge that you're wrong? They haven't мужчиной the receipt of the letter. Have you sent out acknowledgments of the gifts? He was grateful for our acknowledgment of his fine work. Please send me an acknowledgment of this letter. She acquainted us with the new regulation. I couldn't invite him; we're not well acquainted. I have no acquaintance with court отношениях. She is an old acquaintance of mine.

I'm very happy to make your acquaintance. Поговорить know her, but I'm not acquainted with the rest of the family. We acquired the property when our uncle died. After playing tennis мужвиной summer Нашихх acquired considerable skill.

There are acres in a square mile. Walk across the bridge. The restaurant is across the street from the hotel. That was a very kind act. I don't как to miss the first act. Now is the time to мужчиной.

He acted наших your suggestion. It will take an act of Congress to change that law. Don't act like правильно child. Отношениях is a man of action. He proved как actions speak louder than words. Where did he отношенииях action?

He leads an active life.

You never can tell how it'll turn out. Let's go on deck. My cabin is on the middle deck. I haven't got a winter coat.

I only took along a summer one. He's got a marvelous memory. My visual memory is very poor. If my memory doesn't fail me, he signed this declaration, too. You seem to have a short memory. I dictated the list to her from memory. The book is dedicated to the memory of his teacher. Give me your picture to remember you by. For old times' sake I dropped into the college library.

It's still fresh in my mind. He's crazy about her. The audience rushed to the exit in a panic. Don't get panicky. We'll be ready on time. You'll find it hard to get a room with board. Are these American cigarettes? What brand of cigarettes do you smoke? Would you care for a cigarette? What have you got in that folder? These cardboard covers turned out to be very strong. Hey, give us some more steam!

Phrase commonly used in steam baths. Our train was going full steam ahead. Is much of your land lying fallow? The engineer is already beginning to get up steam.

The way you're running things you're heading straight for ruin. I hope you enjoyed the steam bath. I could use another pair of shoes. This suit is sold with two pairs of pants. We'll harness a pair of horses to a carriage for you. These apples are two for a grivennik See Appendix 2.

What a model couple! He came in a new black suit. Everybody started dancing, but he didn't have a partner. Keep away from him. He's no one for you to pal around with. Let's get an order of tea and bologna. We finished a bottle of beer. May I speak to you a minute? I'll give him a piece of my mind! They're two of a kind, all right. The sailors were in dress uniform.

The front entrance is closed; let's use the back one. Your friend's a very cheerful guy. He's a regular fellow. He ate twenty pancakes on a bet. I bet him you'd come. Want to bet? I ought to go to the barber. Your beautician is a real artist.

I'll wait for you at the bench near the park entrance. Come on, we'll show you our park of culture and rest. There's no steam heat here. This machine has a steam engine. Our seats are in the third row orchestra. Party discipline is very strict here. He's an old party worker. Let's play a game of checkers before dinner. He has been a member of the Communist party since She was elected secretary of the party cell in her factory. There's no wind; we'd better lower the sails.

They went by sailboat and we took a motorboat. When can I get my passport back? Speak a little softer; the other passengers want to sleep. We'll start plowing next week. What smells so delicious?

This perfume smells like hay. There's trouble brewing here. You know what that'll mean, don't you? There was a pack of cigarettes here a moment ago. There's a whole bunch of letters for you there. He brought a large stack of American newspapers. Careful; you're soiling your dress.

My fountain pen leaks and stains my fingers. My daughter is going to a teachers' college. He doesn't have teachers' training. The left pedal on my bicycle doesn't work well. This pianist uses the pedal too much. He is studying singing with a well-known teacher. I was awakened by the birds singing. Our college football team won the championship of the USSR. Tomorrow the first issue of our magazine appears. I'll return the first week of October. He was the first to occupy this seat.

This is the first time in my life I ever met such a stubborn fellow. I'll tell him about it at the first opportunity. He's playing first violin in the orchestra. He's the best student in the class. That's the place he was given first aid. At first I didn't understand him well. She's far from young. Don't interrupt him, please.

I broke all your cups. Where can I have this armchair reupholstered? Why did you interrupt me? So many people were killed! Please throw the rope over this bough. Help me throw this bag over my shoulder.

We'll throw a board over the brook and walk across. He was transferred to another city. Tomorrow I'll move you and all your stuff to another hotel. Can you take us across the river? After a half hour of play the advantage was on our side. Don't worry; I'll take the children across the street. The train was switched off to a siding. He was transferred to the convalescent ward. Will you be able to translate it? Wait a minute; let me catch my breath.

Your watch is too fast; you have to set it back. Send him a money order. Tell me, is this a literal translation? He's waiting for a transfer to another city. This is just a waste of time. Money orders are issued at any post office. I'll send you a money order for this amount. Is it true that your brother is being transferred to Moscow?

He translates well. I won't take on the translation into English. Do you want to be our interpreter? The Russian translator caught the style of this novel very well. What time will you start moving the furniture? We hope to exceed our quota this time, too. Our Stakhanovites systematically exceed their quota. Tie the suitcase with a leather strap. He dressed my wound. He comes for a dressing every other day. Don't tie the straw valise yet; I'm not all packed.

Our car is more powerful; we'll easily outdistance them. We began studying English together, but he outdistanced all of us. We're trying to catch up with and surpass the leading industrial countries. He kicked the ball to the other end of the field. The room was divided by a partition.

Someone's auto stood in front of the house. Didn't you see me? I sat in front of you. I saw him just before I went away. Close all the windows before you leave. A difficult question came up before us. Take one pill before going to bed. I won't humiliate myself before her. I feel very much embarrassed to face him. You owe him an apology. No; he left nothing for you.

I've been told that you're dissatisfied with me. His speech was broadcast. You're repeating his words incorrectly. Did you give him my message?

Please give him this money and ticket. Give him my regards. Please pass me the sugar. He told me what was in your letter. If they won't move out of the apartment we'll sue them. The ceremony of the transfer of the honorary banner to our factory takes place today.

I broke the gear on my bicycle. We found out about it over the radio. What means of transportation have you got here? The movement of troops was kept secret. This suit has to be altered. You'll never change him. She gave her dress to the dressmaker for alteration. He got himself into a fine fix! This play is from a novel.

This guy's been through the mill. I've done this over and over again a hundred times! The front car is overcrowded; let's go to the rear one. Our front wheel broke. A perfect stranger stood before me.

You haven't changed your mind yet, have you? I thought over lots of things during the night. Why is he mulling it over in his mind so much? He worked all day without a breathing spell. I've already crossed the ocean twice. We're moving to a new apartment today. We crossed the border early in the morning. Be careful that you don't get run over. The Commissariat of Labor moved into another building.

She came to live with her parents. She takes her husband's absence very hard. She'll never live through such a blow. I've been through a great deal these past two years. It's not easy to go through such an experience. It doesn't mean a thing that he's so old. He'll outlive us all. When you cross the bridge turn to your left. The army went over to the offensive.

Let's go into another room. He transferred from the infantry to the cavalry. He changed to another job. Our factory will change back to the manufacture of tractors now. I'm afraid their argument will lead to blows soon. My brother is now entering his second year at college. Let's start using "ti. Turn to the left at the first crossroads. We flew over the Atlantic Ocean safely. I'm afraid he has a fracture of the shoulder. There was a great change in our relationship after his marriage.

Did you give notice of a change of address? What a sharp change in the weather! You need a change of scenery. During the main recess the children play in the yard. You have to change your front tire. Hurry up and change your shoes before you catch cold.

Do you want to change your room? Wait for me. I'll just go to the library to change my book. Let's shift the topic of conversation. I see you've shifted your stand on this question. Help me carry this trunk to the foyer.

We carried the children over the ditch. He requested that his lecture be postponed to some other day. She's just been through a major operation. He took the shock like a man. He suddenly decided to move the piano to the dining room. She absolutely can't stand pain. We'll have to stay overnight at this hotel.

She's changing the children's clothes. She went to change her dress. Will you please copy my application for me? Let me type it for you. She carries on an extensive correspondence. The copying of this manuscript took me two days. She does typing. We corresponded on this question. There's no need to copy this manuscript. Why did you stop corresponding with him? This dictionary has to be bound. Let me have this book in the red binding.

I left that book for binding. Did I get into hot water! I bind my books myself. The opening performance played to a packed house. The hall was overcrowded. Several of our men were lost in crossing the river. We waited at the ferry landing for a long time. Where can I get across this river? The chairman of the meeting called a recess. I'll do it during the next break. I took up the English language again after a long interruption. When is your lunch hour? I was changing trains and took the wrong one.

You'll have to change trains twice. If we go by streetcar, we'll have to change several times. This bus crosses the main street. We moved to another city. Move in with us as soon as you can. Take another seat closer to the light. You'll have to change to another train here.

Cut across the square and turn to the right. We drove through the city quickly. I want to send a money order. I sent him a bank draft. I never stop thinking about him. She talked without stopping for a whole hour. It stopped raining. Stop making noise. Let her alone; she'll be angry for a while, but she'll get over it.

We've already started rebuilding the factory. This building should have been done over long ago. We intend to reorganize our whole setup.

Don't forward my mail. Does this sum include postage? Books are mailed prepaid in this store. This alley is so small that it's not even on the map. You can't cross the street now.

He's changing over to another plant now. He came in in a very angry mood and bawled everybody out. Careful; these banisters have just been painted. Careful; hold on to the rail. It was a difficult period in his life. You'll find pen and ink there on the table. She has a new hat with a feather.

He writes in a free and easy style. Good luck! We'll wait for you on the platform. I have a pair of woolen gloves for you. This is my favorite song. Today is the festival of national songs of the Soviet Union. That was his swan song. Well, it's the same old tune again! I guess his goose is cooked. That's a long story! Cover the walks with sand. The sand is so hot you can't walk on it. Do you have granulated sugar?

There's a mixed population here. No, this material has too many colors. What's that pin he's got in the buttonhole of his lapel? I don't know how to knit; I keep dropping stitches.

Can you make buttonholes? The door came off the hinges. The dress is finished. All you have to do is put the hooks and eyes on. The pilot made a loop. Make a loop with this rope. I have a run in my stocking. We practically saved him from suicide. I'm in such a spot that I might just as well commit suicide. We have three roosters in our chicken coop. We live like farmers and get up with the roosters. We chatted till daybreak. What a guy — always looking for a fight!

She sings folk songs well. He sings at the Bolshoy theater. Who's singing the part of Onegin today? Listen to the samovar sing! I'm tired of your hard-luck stories! Why do you look so sad today? I don't like to recall this sad event. He left unpleasant memories behind him. She looked at me so mournfully! It's just too bad that you don't understand it. She types badly.

Write this out in printed letters. They work with a hand press in this small printing shop. The certificate is invalid without a seal. The secretary has the seal. The manuscript has been sent to press. There was a series of articles in the trade-union press about it. The new play got a very good press. Look at this; your friend got his name in the papers. This type is too small.

The years he spent at the front left a mark on his works. He does reviews of periodicals. He was a delegate at the journalists' convention.

This book has just come out. Today's special is calves' liver with onions. My liver bothers me. There are no more baked apples; take some kissel.

Light the stove; it's very cold in here. She was baking pies yesterday. The sun is really beating down today. You can go there on foot. I walked over. I walk to work. An upright piano won't pass through this door. Buy a dozen bottles of beer. You can't do business with him.

I'll come tomorrow to help you saw the wood. Stop nagging him. Take these pills three times a day. That was a bitter pill for him to swallow. As much as he tried to sugarcoat it, I still found it unpleasant. He was one of the pioneers in the labor movement. How come you don't know him? He's a well-known writer. Don't write in pencil; use ink.

He's writing a book. Do you know how to write Russian? He writes for the newspapers. She paints from life. I'm learning how to type. She takes dictation well. There's no telling what a fool will do. Well, it's as good as lost. Well, brother, it's not for us. You can buy ink at the stationery store. My written examinations begin tomorrow. I'd like to get a desk with large drawers.

Put your request in written form. Seal the letter and take it to the post office immediately. I have a letter of recommendation from an old friend of yours. I sent him two letters and several postcards. Here's a registered letter for you; sign for it.

Did you get my two letters by general delivery? He's already learned how to read, but he still has trouble with writing. Is there any mail for me? You've got a letter with ten kopeks postage due. This child needs an extra-nourishing diet.

The patient was undergoing artificial feeding for a whole week. Only the most nourishing foods should be sent there. Do you drink tea or coffee for breakfast? We're drinking to your health. Do you drink vodka? I never drank any wine like that. I'm awfully thirsty. He's an habitual drunkard. We're going to have trouble because of that, sure as you're born.

He knows how to hold his liquor. Give him only light food. The news gave fresh food for gossip. Canned goods are sold in the food department. He won a prize in swimming. We were on a three-month cruise. A big man deserves a big job. Do you swim? He swims like a fish. Do you swim the breast stroke? We sailed a lot this summer. I've been to sea all my life. Why are you crying? Well, we can kiss our money good-by!

The commission made up a plan of work. We made plans for the summer all last evening. I'll get a map of Moscow for you. I've already made an outline of my book. We promised not only to fill our quota, but to go beyond it. Our quota is already seventy per cent filled. Everything else has been pushed into the background. Did you plan your work? All industry in the USSR is run according to a master plan. We have all the latest records. Where could I develop these plates?

Cover the wound with adhesive tape. Put some drawing plaster on the abscess. There's no extra charge for it. Admission: two rubles. The rent, including heating, is a hundred rubles a month. This month I'll have to make large payments. The books have been sent to you C. One good turn deserves another.

Pay the cashier. You have to pay for this room in advance. How much did you pay for the cloth? I'm just returning your favor. Is there paid admission there? Are you paid for this work or are you doing it voluntarily? I'll give you a kerchief to tie around your head. She threw a warm shawl over her shoulders. There's a crowd of people on the platform meeting the train.

The party's election platform was published in yesterday's paper. The train leaves from track number three. Trains rarely stop at our way station.

The machines were loaded on the flatcars. We had so much furniture we had to hire two wagons. Fortunately, the Allies found common ground for agreement.

She's wearing a very pretty dress. You can buy men's and women's clothing in this store. All the reserved seats for today's train are sold out. The results were deplorable. He looked pitiful after the fight. No spitting. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for loafing all day. You can never tell when you'll need a friend. I don't give a damn what they'll think about it.

He succeeded in escaping from a prisoner-of-war camp. He was taken prisoner near Kiev. Look how skillfully she's weaving the basket! He's just talking nonsense. He has broad shoulders. He has to do all the work all by himself. The floor was made of marble tiles. The streets here are paved with stone blocks. Light the stove. Our stove smokes something terrible. It's hard to read the inscription on this gravestone.

We have a gas range with two burners. This chocolate bar is for the kids. He lives over there in the house with the flat roof.

That's a rather flat joke. Such heavy material isn't good for a summer dress. Our chairman is the tall, thickset fellow over there. See whether the shutters are shut tight.

The snow is firmly packed down on the walk. No, I'm not going to have supper. I had a hearty dinner. They made you a good suit, but they used bad material.

She's in a bad mood today. He's a poor writer. You must prepare for the worst. The worse that can happen to us is that they won't let us in.

The patient got worse. It's so bad it couldn't be worse. You treat him very badly. The laundry is poorly done. Don't you feel well today? He's in a critical condition. Exit by the front platform only sign on trolley cars. The train was overcrowded and I had to stand on the platform all the way there.

He stood on the landing looking down. What's the name of this square? Red Square isn't far from here. What's the area of this park? In this oblast, one hundred thousand hectares have been sown with wheat. Let's swim to the other shore and see who gets there first. Everything is swimming before my eyes. Where are these rafts floating to? There's nothing else to do. We just have to go along with the tide. Here you have a wonderful opportunity right under your nose, and you don't see it!

He spit in the subway, and had to pay a fine. Don't waste your time! I can do it as easy as rolling off a log. How well our kids are dancing!

He dances to her tune. You have to drive slowly on this road. He gave him a friendly slap on the shoulder. On holidays we usually go out of town. We get paid by the hour. You can get there by boat or by train.

Don't judge by appearances. I've been collecting a library for a long time, volume by volume. We're working according to plan.

He's been all over the world. She dresses in the latest style. As for me, you can do as you please. I did it of my own free will. Don't feed the animals. Do you have any farm animals? They just announced that on the radio. Shall I announce you? They just announced their engagement.

What's your annual income? His annual visit is always looked forward to. I don't like this room; may I have another? Please give me another cup of coffee. They hated one another. What is your answer? Please answer by return mail. There was a larger crowd at the concert than we had anticipated. I couldn't anticipate that that would happen.

The attendants anticipated all our needs. I've been anxious about you. I'll take any job you can offer me. Any policeman can direct you. He may come at any time.

Do you have any more questions? Will anybody be at the station to meet me? It might rain but I'm going anyhow. If anyone calls, take the message. Is there anything for me? Take anything you like. It's raining, but we'll go anyway. I didn't want to go anyway. I don't want to go anywhere tonight.

The house stands apart from the others. I keep this bottle apart from all the others. Take it apart if necessary. Set this apart for me. How do you tell them apart? We want to rent an apartment in the city. What kind of apparatus do you have in your gymnasium? Where do you keep your gardening apparatus? The physics laboratory has the best apparatus I've ever seen. It's quite apparent that you don't want to do this for me.

The chairman made an appeal for contributions. That kind of story appeals to me. The lawyer decided to appeal the case. The defendant was granted an appeal. The novel has general appeal. The paper appears every day. He appears to be very sick. He appeared suddenly. Try to improve your appearance. At least make an appearance for a few minutes. After all that candy, I have no appetite left. I have no appetite for detective stories.

Your application has been received. If you have a headache, cold applications will help you. He's working in the field of applied chemistry. Apply a hot compress every two hours. This order applies to all citizens. I have an appointment to meet him at six o'clock. She's been very happy since she got her appointment as a teacher.

I appreciate what you've done for me. Everyone expressed appreciation for what he had done. She has a deep appreciation of art. The approaches to the bridge are under repair. We are approaching the end. Is it all right to approach him about this matter? I wouldn't like to do anything without my parents' approval. I don't approve of his conduct. Has this plan been approved? The bridge has a tremendous arch. A very beautiful arch was erected at the entrance to the fair. How did you get into the army with fallen arches?

What's the area of the park? What area is he working in? I argued that taking the train would save us a lot of time. No matter what we say he finds some cause to argue. You can't argue me into going there again. That's a strong argument in his favor. I don't follow your argument.

The problem of how to reach land arose. He broke his arm yesterday. This chair has only one arm. This is an arm of the White Sea. Were they armed? Do you have any arms in the house?

The tanks are heavily armored. Our arms are far superior to the enemy's. All men able to bear arms were mobilized for defense. The students were up in arms at the new restrictions. In this city you need a license to carry arms. All the able-bodied men were under arms.

How many kilometers is it around the lake? I have around twenty rubles. Are there any soldiers around here? It's somewhere around the house. The store is around the corner. I was aroused during the night by the fire engines passing our house. His strange actions aroused my suspicion. Who arranged the books on the shelves? Everything has been arranged. Have you completed all arrangements for the trip? How do you like the latest arrangement of that song?

The arrangement of the furniture was very inconvenient. They made arrangements for his lecture at our college. The police made two arrests.

Why have you been arrested? He's been under arrest for three days. The arrival of the ambassador was considered a hopeful sign. There isn't enough room for the new arrivals. When will we arrive in Moscow? Don't wait until we arrive. Did they arrive at a decision? This building contains many works of art. There's an art to it. I have no articles of value to declare. Article 3 is not clear to me. You could tell that the flowers she was wearing were artificial.

Her smile is so artificial that I don't trust her. He is late as usual. Leave it as it stands. I must go, as it is late. Did you see anyone as you came in? My younger brother is as tall as I am. She knows English as well as you. I'll go with you as far as the door. As far as I know, they haven't decided yet. As for that, I have nothing to add.

Act as if nothing happened. I'll tell you as soon as I know it. As to that, I don't know. Nothing has happened as yet.

We must start early so as to be on time. Will you help me carry the ashes out of the cellar? Don't drop ashes all over the rug. Is that an ash tree? I was ashamed to ask for a second helping. All joking aside, I intend to go. Aside from the long hours, this is a pleasant job. Let's put our work aside for a while and go and get a drink. I think we have enough money set aside for the trip.

Did you ask him his name? Your friend is asking about trains. He asked for permission. May I ask you a question? I must have been asleep. He has fallen asleep. Have you considered every aspect of the problem? The house has a gloomy aspect. The boy scouts assembled around the flagpole. He's an expert at assembling airplane motors. He spoke before an assembly of lawyers. We have assembly at ten o'clock in our school.

He's the delegate to the assembly from our district. I worked on the assembly line in an automobile factory. I'll assign your lessons for tomorrow. Who was assigned to the job? The editor gave me an interesting assignment to cover. Our teacher gave us a big assignment for Monday. I was surprised at his assignment to such an important position. Without your assistance I could never have gotten the job done on time. He's been an associate of mine for many years. His name has been associated with a recent scandal.

Our two firms have always been associated. She never did associate very closely with us. My association with this group didn't last long. I don't think I'll join the association. This picture doesn't bring up any associations for me. I've always had to assume the family's responsibilities. She assumed an air of innocence.

I assume that dinner will be on time. Let's assume it's true. He works with complete assurance that he will succeed. He gave us his assurance that he would pay on time. I wouldn't want to start this business without the assurance that it'll be a success. That's not so, I assure you. He is at the office. We were at the Brown's yesterday. Aim at that tree over there. We haven't yet arrived at a decision.

They were laughing at him. The gloves sell at five rubles a pair. I haven't got any money at all. We must do it, at all costs. It will take three days at best. At first we didn't like the town. I will be at home. At last the train has arrived. There were at least a hundred people present.

Give me a dozen, or at most At most, it will take only three hours. I'll leave at once for Moscow. You know, it's been a very pleasant day at that. I can't work in such an unpleasant atmosphere. If you'd attached your belt securely to your dress you wouldn't have lost it. He's been attached to the embassy for many years. When I was unable to pay up, my creditors attached my salary. I've only known him a month, but have become very much attached to him. Our troops attacked the enemy. He was attacked by two robbers.

I've had an attack of appendicitis. There was a violent attack on him in the newspapers. He made a desperate attempt to save her. An attempt was made on his life. He didn't attend yesterday's meeting. What doctor attended you? We've had very poor attendance at these meetings. My attendance will hardly be necessary.

I can't get anyone's attention. The men stood at attention. His attitude toward the work has changed lately. What's his attitude on politics? The attorney prepared the case thoroughly. When he joined the army he gave his mother power of attorney. This offer doesn't attract me at all. She attracts a lot of attention by the way she dresses. Swimming in such cold weather has no attraction for me.

Her dancing is the big attraction in the show. We got to the movies just in time for the main attraction. What an attractive smile she has! The moment the curtain fell, the audience broke into applause. If you go early enough he may grant you an audience. I'd like you to meet my aunt and uncle. He's the author of our new plan for increased production. What authority have you to do this? He is an authority in that field.

I'll speak to the authorities. Who authorized you to spend that money? The dictionary authorizes both spellings. This was an authorized leave. Can one go there by automobile? My automobile broke down. She had an automobile accident on the way over here. I hope to stay through the autumn. The autumn leaves are falling. All the doctor's efforts to save him were of no avail. Avail yourself of every opportunity while you're at school. Every available car was being used. My address in New York is Third Avenue.

The average of the class is lower than usual. What is the average temperature here? It averages out in the end. Average this column of figures for me. On the average I go to the movies once a week. Avoid that at all costs. I'm not wide awake yet. I was awakened at five o'clock. When is he going to awaken to his responsibilities? He's well aware of what is going on at the office. He's aware of his shortcomings.

It is thirty kilometers away. How long have you been away? Have you been away? We are giving this away free. Please take this away. Don't throw anything away. An awful accident happened yesterday. We have been having awful weather. He behaved so awfully that I was ashamed. Whose baby is this? She is sewing baby clothes. We must baby her until she gets well again.

He lay on his back. This chair has a high back. We will back him in his request. Move back a little. They got back from their journey. Tell everything; don't hold anything back. The police held the crowd back. Step backward a bit so I can get you in the picture.

You've got that sweater on backward. She runs a school for backward children. He's very backward about asking for anything. It was a bad idea to wait so long. His affairs went from bad to worse.

The butter went bad. This bag is not big enough. Bring my bags up to my room. Pack your barracks bag. I want to send my baggage on ahead. The baggage car is at the head of the train. This bread was baked this morning. Do you bake every day? Baked potato. Does this account balance? He balanced his bank account. What is my balance? I lost my balance and fell down the stairs. Where is my ball? They are giving a big ball at the American Embassy tonight. He got all balled up. The little girl was crying when her balloon flew away.

Has this bicycle got balloon tires? Were you ever up in a balloon? The band played a march. I need a new hat band. They banded together to hire a guide. The women spent the morning rolling bandages.

You'd better bandage the wound at once. She was startled by a loud bang. Stop banging on the piano! The river overflowed its banks. We should deposit this money in a bank. Please remove this bank of sand. He banked the airplane when he turned. Please bank the fire at night. I wouldn't bank on it if I were you. That was some banquet she served!

They gave a banquet in his honor. Where's that bar of soap? Put the bar across the door. The fallen tree barred our way. He was standing at the bar when I walked into the club. Meet me in the bar. Where is there a barber?

Can you direct me to a barber shop? Don't touch the pot with bare hands. The apartment was completely bare when we moved in. When the flag passed, they bared their heads. I'm telling you the bare truth. You'll find many bargains there. According to our bargain, you have to pay half. Tomorrow is bargain day at this store. Don't scrape the bark off that tree. She barked her shins. Try to make the dog stop barking. The truck was loaded with barrels of beer.

Clean the barrel of this rifle. The statue is on a marble base. The soldiers were sent back to their base. He based his report on the available statistics. Who won the baseball game?

They've gone to buy a baseball. What's your basis for saying this. He hit the ball so hard he split the bat. He batted the ball over the fence. I'm afraid of bats. Please fill the bath half full.

Does this room have a bath? The steam baths are open on Saturdays. Where can I take a bath? What time do you usually bathe the baby?

We went bathing in the lake. My radio needs a new battery. The battle was fought by the river. He will be here tomorrow. Let the matter rest for the time being.

Where did they beach the canoe? The barn is so old that the beams are beginning to rot. I was wakened by a beam of light shining through my window. The plane came in on the beam. Do you have any beans in your garden? Do you like kidney bean soup? This board will not bear your weight. All men who could tear arms were called up. This tree bears good peaches. He bore the pain bravely. I had to bear the blame for his mistake. She has borne three children.

There are bears in these woods. His military bearing is excellent. I'm taking the car to the garage because the bearings are worn out. That has no bearing on the matter. The children were frightened by the beasts in the zoo. They were beaten in the game. Please beat this carpet. Beat the egg before putting it in the soup. His heart was beating regularly. He beat time with his foot.

The beat of the music is not clear. The night watchman is on his beat. They beat back the enemy. Add the beaten eggs to the rest of the batter. The child has a beaten look about him. The vase is of beaten silver. He always sticks to the beaten path. What a beautiful day! She is still a beautiful woman. The beauty of this spot just takes your breath away. She's a real beauty. He didn't come because he got sick.

I postponed my trip because of the bad weather. His secret has become generally known. What became of the book I lent you? His income is becoming smaller. What's to become of her? That hat is very becoming. Your conduct is not becoming to a man of your position. I want a room with two beds. When I came he was still lying in bed. Don't step in the flower bed. The machine is set in a bed of concrete. Follow the old river bed for two kilometers.

I went to bed very late. Air the bedding, please. We used straw for bedding for the horses. I was stung by a bee. There are beehives in that orchard. The market has fresh beef today.

I'll take roast beef. The beehives are on the other side of the orchard. I don't care for beer. The question before us is a hard one.

The telegram should come before evening. Do this before anything else. They will come before long. We should have gone long before that. They begged us to help them. Begging has been eliminated in our country. We must begin to work right away. The performance begins at P. His friends will act in his behalf. Behave yourself! Her behavior is very strange. The garden is behind the house. Their seats are behind ours. There must be some plan behind it. The train is behind time. He has fallen behind in his work.

We had to leave our trunk behind. Have you left anything behind? Treat him like a human being. It's impossible for me to have any belief in what she says. He has very strong political beliefs. Do you believe what he says?

I believe so. Do you believe in his sincerity? The bells of this church are famous. Do you hear their sleigh bells? Our doorbell is out of order. Does this book belong to you? Who has the room below me? The temperature here seldom goes below zero. From the window they could watch the parade below. Do you wear a belt or suspenders?

We need a new belt for the machine. Have your life belts ready. We sat down on a bench in the park. The worker is at his bench eight hours a day. Bend this wire into a circle. How much will this bend without breaking? These nails are bent too much. The house is beyond the bend in the road. You'll have to bend down to get through here. He was buried beneath the tree. The new law gave us very little benefit. He has a bent for painting. Please put this trunk beside the other one. He was beside himself with anger.

We need all these chairs and two more besides. I am not feeling well; besides, I haven't time. Besides me there were ten people there. Out of those three projects, we tried to choose the best one. She always picks out only the best. I work best in the morning. At best, we'll suffer no losses. When are you going to pay up that bet? I bet twenty-five rubles on the black.

I want a better room. I felt better this morning. We are trying to better conditions here. The doctor says she is getting better. He certainly will try to get the better of you.

They walked between the buildings. This is just between you and me. They live beyond the river. My bicycle needs repairs. Let's bicycle down to the lake and back. She bid twenty-five rubles for the rug.

I bid two hearts. We must do as he bids us. They live in a big house. A big man will talk at the meeting. We need a bigger box. He talks big; don't believe everything he says. They haven't yet sent their bill for the work. What's on the bill this evening? We don't have enough votes to pass the bill. Post no bills. What a long bill that bird has! The robber left the night watchman bound to the chair.

You should bind up this finger before it gets infected. Both volumes of his poetry are bound into one book. They announced the birth of a child. I am an American by birth. She has given birth to twins. He broke the chocolate bar into bits.

They arrived a bit later than the others. This bridle doesn't have a bit. I need a bit to drill a hole with. We learned the story bit by bit. Does this dog bite? I bit my lip by mistake. I have two mosquito bites on my arm. I took just one bite of the sandwich. The fish are biting well today. She often makes biting remarks. This coffee is too bitter. He had a bitter quarrel with his brother. A bitter wind was blowing. It was hard, but he stayed to the bitter end. Do you have a black dress?

The night was very black. Black clouds began to come up.