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Dan Bălan (born 6 February in Chișinău) is a Moldovan musician, singer, songwriter, and . The singer unveiled his next single, "Justify Sex" in July at the Europa Plus Live In May , Balan released "Lendo Caledo", a bilingual single with lyrics in .. "Дан Балан чуть не погиб на съемках нового клипа". Lyrics: Justify Sex (Дан Балан). Text: I see Lips are fighting Clothes are falling Are falling are falling I see Hearts are fighting We keep on falling On falling on. Dan Balan (Дэн Балан) - Friday night lyrics here. wrein.info - all latest lyrics. 5, Dan Balan (Дэн Балан) - Justify sex. 6, Dan Balan (Дэн Балан) - Despre.

*Lendo Calendo по словам Дана Бэлана ничего не значит, это выражение он придумал для песни Так же и многие другие слова на испанском вызывают сомнения Dan Balan Justify Sex feat Eleni Foureira Dan Balan Justy перевод​. Listen & view Dan Balan's lyrics & tabs Dan Balan Justify SEX New Song ​(Original Version) . (НОВИНКА )Дан Балан пел и чуть не кончил. Justify Sex This song is by Dan Balan and appears on the album Freedom, Part 1 ().

Listen & view Dan Balan's lyrics & tabs Dan Balan Justify SEX New Song ​(Original Version) . (НОВИНКА )Дан Балан пел и чуть не кончил. Dan Balan / Дан Балан - Justify Sex lyricsnext · Lyrics. Dan Balan - Justify Sex (Eleonora Kosareva Remix) [prod by GShulman]. Dan Balan - Justify Sex. Justify Sex This song is by Dan Balan and appears on the album Freedom, Part 1 ().

He has performed rock and pop. They released their firs Chica Bomb. Justify Sex. Crazy lop. Chica Bomb - Radio Edit. Chica Bomb [Released by A! Chica Bomb Radio Edit. Дан On Love. Балан Calendo. Chica Bomb Соова kbs. Crazy Loop. Numa Numa 2. Friday Night. Сльва Bomb extended version. Funny Love. Crazy Loop Mm-ma-ma. Jady's Love Line.

Lendo - Calendo. Justify Sex Слова Edit. Allegro Ventigo. Sex Me Sex. Numa Numa 2 sex. Marley Waters. Justify Sex Wex. Sugar Tunes Numa Numa. Despre tine cant part 2. The 24th letter. Слова Best Summer. Chica Bomb Vanotek Remix. Only Origenal. Freedom Слова Song sexx Chica Bomb - extended version. Johanna Shut Sex. Despre Tine Cant. Cry Cry. Дан Radio Edit. Chica Bomb HD p. Chica Bomb Extended Mix. Lendo Calendo feat. Дан bomb - слоуа. Dan Balan - Sex - original.

Johanna Shut Балан Chica Bomb - Дан Version. Allegro Ventigo feat. Funny Love Red Max Remix. Justify балан - original. Lendo Calendo Ft. Uh Ahh Yeah. Freedom Europa plus. Chica Bomb! Jady's Love Line New 2o1o. Sugar Tunes. Freedom Extended Mix. Freedom Club Mix. Only - radio edit. Lendo Calendo! Chica Bomb - Vanotek Remix. Freedom Баллан Dubstep Балан. Lendo Calendo ft. Love Is A Simple Thing. Dragostea Din Tei. Dan Balan - Justify Sex - original.

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Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. September 24th, , pm. September 20th, , am. July 17th, , pm. Will heaven step in? Will it save us from our sin? Will it? Lookin' through the glass find the wrong within the past knowin' Oh, we are the youth Call out to the beast, not a word without the peace, facing A bit of the truth, the truth [Pre-Chorus] That's the price you pay Leave behind your heartache, cast away Just another product of today Rather be the hunter than the prey And you're standing on the edge, face up 'cause you're a May 10th, , pm.

I know I'd go back to you [Chorus] I wanna hold you when I'm not supposed to When I'm lying close to someone else You're stuck in my head and I can't get you out of it If I could do it all again I know I'd go back to you I'd go back to you I'd go back to you I know I'd go back to you Go back to you, go back to you Go back to you, go back to you Go back to you, go back to you. March 22nd, , pm. Matteo Dan Balan Allegro Ventigo feat. Matteo Ali sento manu ste Kalina mar irkan tu meo Sera fina bellika irkan tu meo Chi vor alto tu ribel Dei karamel in nos museo.

El antro igo Mi canto mai Inamoritto Zichia e raii. While recording for the song, the singer climbed up and stood on a steep cliff without protective equipment. In an interview after the official video was released, he said that the video was one of the most dangerous shootings of his career.

He released his second Russian single, "Lish do Utra," on September 26, The song was recorded in studios in several countries, including Romania, the U. In an interview, Balan explained that upon thinking the concept of the song, he had an immediate notion that the song would be best presented in the Russian language. He wrote the concept for the song's music video himself and enlisted French director Steven Ada to direct the video.

The video premiered on October 25, In April , Balan released another Russian single, pop-rock song "Lyubi". The song reached number one on the Top Hit Weekly Audience Choice, number thirteen on the Russian chart and number two on the Ukrainian chart. TV Russian music awards ceremony. On December 1, , the singer won a Golden Gramophone award for the second year in a row for "Lish do Utra". In November , he announced that he was working on his latest album Freedom Part 1 He recorded the album in several studios in the U.

The album became popular in Russia and was certified gold. He sang his part in Spanish, which he had studied in Barcelona. The words Lendo Calendo were coined by Balan himself who thought of them as magic words like Abracadabra. The music video of the song, directed by Alan Badoev, was released on July 9, On May 25, he was nominated for the best singer award at the annual Russian music awards RU.

He wrote the music and lyrics and produced all of the tracks on the album. Chris Elliott worked on the arrangement for the symphony orchestra. The album's first single "Domoy" was released in September In contrast to Dan's previous work, "Domoy" was quite experimental, moving away from his typical style and appealing to an older audience. According to Dan, the track also differs from the other songs on the new album, which will have a more commercial sound.

October 14, , is the date when "Funny Love", the next new single was released. Successful in the likes of Romania, Ukraine, Russia, and Bulgaria, there was much talk around the language the lyrics are written in. Balan joked in an interview that this is "Old Moldavian", but the settled view is that the lyrics are written in a fictional language that combines elements of Spanish, Italian, Greek and Romanian.

After a few days, the song reached 1 in the Japan Charts and was a great success. The song still remains popular but the other 2 members of O-Zone were not happy with the song since that was the group's song and he decided to remake it.

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