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She takes her husband's absence very hard. She'll never live through such a blow. I've been through a great deal these past two years. It's not easy to go through such an experience. It doesn't mean a thing that he's so old. He'll outlive us all. When you cross the bridge turn to your left.

The army went over to the offensive. Let's go into another room. He transferred from the infantry to the cavalry. He changed to another job. Our factory will change back to the manufacture of tractors now. I'm afraid their argument will lead to blows soon. My brother is now entering his second year at college.

Let's start using "ti. Turn to the left at the first crossroads. We flew over the Atlantic Ocean safely. I'm afraid he has a fracture of the shoulder. There was a great change in our relationship after his marriage. Did you give notice of a change of address?

What a sharp change in the weather! You need a change of scenery. During the main recess the children play in the yard. You have to change your front tire. Hurry up and change your shoes before you catch cold. Do you want to change your room? Wait for me. I'll just go to the library to change my book. Let's shift the topic of conversation. I see you've shifted your stand on this question. Help me carry this trunk to the foyer. We carried the children over the ditch.

He requested that his lecture be postponed to some other day. She's just been through a major operation. He took the shock like a man.

He suddenly decided to move the piano to the dining room. She absolutely can't stand pain. We'll have to stay overnight at this hotel. She's changing the children's clothes. She went to change her dress. Will you please copy my application for me? Let me type it for you. She carries on an extensive correspondence.

The copying of this manuscript took me two days. She does typing. We corresponded on this question. There's no need to copy this manuscript. Why did you stop corresponding with him? This dictionary has to be bound. Let me have this book in the red binding. I left that book for binding. Did I get into hot water! I bind my books myself. The opening performance played to a packed house.

The hall was overcrowded. Several of our men were lost in crossing the river. We waited at the ferry landing for a long time. Where can I get across this river? The chairman of the meeting called a recess. I'll do it during the next break.

I took up the English language again after a long interruption. When is your lunch hour? I was changing trains and took the wrong one.

You'll have to change trains twice. If we go by streetcar, we'll have to change several times. This bus crosses the main street. We moved to another city.

Move in with us as soon as you can. Take another seat closer to the light. You'll have to change to another train here. Cut across the square and turn to the right. We drove through the city quickly.

I want to send a money order. I sent him a bank draft. I never stop thinking about him. She talked without stopping for a whole hour. It stopped raining. Stop making noise.

Let her alone; she'll be angry for a while, but she'll get over it. We've already started rebuilding the factory. This building should have been done over long ago. We intend to reorganize our whole setup. Don't forward my mail. Does this sum include postage? Books are mailed prepaid in this store. This alley is so small that it's not even on the map.

You can't cross the street now. He's changing over to another plant now. He came in in a very angry mood and bawled everybody out. Careful; these banisters have just been painted. Careful; hold on to the rail. It was a difficult period in his life.

You'll find pen and ink there on the table. She has a new hat with a feather. He writes in a free and easy style. Good luck! We'll wait for you on the platform. I have a pair of woolen gloves for you. This is my favorite song. Today is the festival of national songs of the Soviet Union. That was his swan song. Well, it's the same old tune again!

I guess his goose is cooked. That's a long story! Cover the walks with sand. The sand is so hot you can't walk on it. Do you have granulated sugar? There's a mixed population here. No, this material has too many colors. What's that pin he's got in the buttonhole of his lapel? I don't know how to knit; I keep dropping stitches.

Can you make buttonholes? The door came off the hinges. The dress is finished. All you have to do is put the hooks and eyes on. The pilot made a loop. Make a loop with this rope. I have a run in my stocking. We practically saved him from suicide. I'm in such a spot that I might just as well commit suicide. We have three roosters in our chicken coop. We live like farmers and get up with the roosters. We chatted till daybreak.

What a guy — always looking for a fight! She sings folk songs well. He sings at the Bolshoy theater. Who's singing the part of Onegin today?

Listen to the samovar sing! I'm tired of your hard-luck stories! Why do you look so sad today? I don't like to recall this sad event. He left unpleasant memories behind him. She looked at me so mournfully! It's just too bad that you don't understand it. She types badly. Write this out in printed letters.

They work with a hand press in this small printing shop. The certificate is invalid without a seal. The secretary has the seal. The manuscript has been sent to press. There was a series of articles in the trade-union press about it.

The new play got a very good press. Look at this; your friend got his name in the papers. This type is too small. The years he spent at the front left a mark on his works. He does reviews of periodicals. He was a delegate at the journalists' convention.

This book has just come out. Today's special is calves' liver with onions. My liver bothers me. There are no more baked apples; take some kissel. Light the stove; it's very cold in here.

She was baking pies yesterday. The sun is really beating down today. You can go there on foot. I walked over. I walk to work. An upright piano won't pass through this door. Buy a dozen bottles of beer. You can't do business with him. I'll come tomorrow to help you saw the wood.

Stop nagging him. Take these pills three times a day. That was a bitter pill for him to swallow. As much as he tried to sugarcoat it, I still found it unpleasant.

He was one of the pioneers in the labor movement. How come you don't know him? He's a well-known writer. Don't write in pencil; use ink. He's writing a book. Do you know how to write Russian? He writes for the newspapers. She paints from life. I'm learning how to type. She takes dictation well. There's no telling what a fool will do. Well, it's as good as lost. Well, brother, it's not for us. You can buy ink at the stationery store. My written examinations begin tomorrow.

I'd like to get a desk with large drawers. Put your request in written form. Seal the letter and take it to the post office immediately. I have a letter of recommendation from an old friend of yours.

I sent him two letters and several postcards. Here's a registered letter for you; sign for it. Did you get my two letters by general delivery? He's already learned how to read, but he still has trouble with writing. Is there any mail for me? You've got a letter with ten kopeks postage due. This child needs an extra-nourishing diet. The patient was undergoing artificial feeding for a whole week. Only the most nourishing foods should be sent there. Do you drink tea or coffee for breakfast? We're drinking to your health.

Do you drink vodka? I never drank any wine like that. I'm awfully thirsty. He's an habitual drunkard. We're going to have trouble because of that, sure as you're born. He knows how to hold his liquor. Give him only light food. The news gave fresh food for gossip.

Canned goods are sold in the food department. He won a prize in swimming. We were on a three-month cruise. A big man deserves a big job. Do you swim? He swims like a fish. Do you swim the breast stroke? We sailed a lot this summer. I've been to sea all my life. Why are you crying? Well, we can kiss our money good-by! The commission made up a plan of work. We made plans for the summer all last evening.

I'll get a map of Moscow for you. I've already made an outline of my book. We promised not only to fill our quota, but to go beyond it. Our quota is already seventy per cent filled. Everything else has been pushed into the background. Did you plan your work? All industry in the USSR is run according to a master plan.

We have all the latest records. Where could I develop these plates? Cover the wound with adhesive tape. Put some drawing plaster on the abscess. There's no extra charge for it. Admission: two rubles. The rent, including heating, is a hundred rubles a month.

This month I'll have to make large payments. The books have been sent to you C. One good turn deserves another. Pay the cashier. You have to pay for this room in advance. How much did you pay for the cloth? I'm just returning your favor.

Is there paid admission there? Are you paid for this work or are you doing it voluntarily? I'll give you a kerchief to tie around your head. She threw a warm shawl over her shoulders. There's a crowd of people on the platform meeting the train. The party's election platform was published in yesterday's paper. The train leaves from track number three. Trains rarely stop at our way station. The machines were loaded on the flatcars. We had so much furniture we had to hire two wagons.

Fortunately, the Allies found common ground for agreement. She's wearing a very pretty dress. You can buy men's and women's clothing in this store. All the reserved seats for today's train are sold out. The results were deplorable. He looked pitiful after the fight. No spitting. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for loafing all day. You can never tell when you'll need a friend. I don't give a damn what they'll think about it.

He succeeded in escaping from a prisoner-of-war camp. He was taken prisoner near Kiev. Look how skillfully she's weaving the basket! He's just talking nonsense. He has broad shoulders. He has to do all the work all by himself. The floor was made of marble tiles. The streets here are paved with stone blocks. Light the stove. Our stove smokes something terrible. It's hard to read the inscription on this gravestone.

We have a gas range with two burners. This chocolate bar is for the kids. He lives over there in the house with the flat roof. That's a rather flat joke. Such heavy material isn't good for a summer dress.

Our chairman is the tall, thickset fellow over there. See whether the shutters are shut tight. The snow is firmly packed down on the walk. No, I'm not going to have supper. I had a hearty dinner. They made you a good suit, but they used bad material. She's in a bad mood today.

He's a poor writer. You must prepare for the worst. The worse that can happen to us is that they won't let us in. The patient got worse. It's so bad it couldn't be worse. You treat him very badly. The laundry is poorly done. Don't you feel well today? He's in a critical condition. Exit by the front platform only sign on trolley cars. The train was overcrowded and I had to stand on the platform all the way there.

He stood on the landing looking down. What's the name of this square? Red Square isn't far from here. What's the area of this park? In this oblast, one hundred thousand hectares have been sown with wheat. Let's swim to the other shore and see who gets there first.

Everything is swimming before my eyes. Where are these rafts floating to? There's nothing else to do. We just have to go along with the tide. Here you have a wonderful opportunity right under your nose, and you don't see it! He spit in the subway, and had to pay a fine.

Don't waste your time! I can do it as easy as rolling off a log. How well our kids are dancing! He dances to her tune. You have to drive slowly on this road. He gave him a friendly slap on the shoulder. On holidays we usually go out of town. We get paid by the hour. You can get there by boat or by train. Don't judge by appearances. I've been collecting a library for a long time, volume by volume. We're working according to plan.

He's been all over the world. She dresses in the latest style. As for me, you can do as you please. I did it of my own free will. I'm telling you that out of friendship. He was absent for two days because of sickness.

He's been longing for home lately. I can't understand it to this day. Sunday we got up late, as usual. I took your hat by mistake. These apples are five cents apiece. The youngsters lined up five in a row. What are your first name and patronymic? He's a schoolmate of mine.

Come back soon; we miss you. Call me tomorrow. This suit fits you just right. Does he speak English? I think you're wrong.

These shoes are a bad fit for me. I have no time to go visiting. I've been doing housework all day. What line of work are you in? Now, children, take your seats! The train is scheduled to leave at eight o'clock. I had a physics examination on Wednesday.

At night we took our direction from the stars. Their escape was arranged by the partisans. There are shoots appearing on the bush.

We won a brilliant victory. The match ended in a victory for the visiting team. The winner of the motorcycle race turned out to be one of the chauffeurs of our factory. The winner is always right. It wasn't just a matter of luck that our nation came out of the war victorious.

We knew that we'd win over the enemy. Who won at yesterday's swimming meet? I overcame my dislike for him and talked to him. I admitted having lost the argument. I ran after him but he was already out of sight. We had a talk and were pleased with each other.

The boy was badly beaten. The enemy was beaten. You'll smash all the china that way, you clumsy ox! He broke the record at the last swimming meet. Don't forget to thank him for me. There is a good hotel near here.

Is there a good doctor in the neighborhood? Drop in; we can talk a bit and have some tea. Shall I shave you? I still have to shave before I go out. Let's go for a stroll around the town. He's wandered quite a bit over the whole wide world. I didn't have time to visit anyone. Go see them without fail. I'll stay here about a week. The storm blew down a telegraph pole. Be careful you don't tip over the coat rack. The people just poured into the theater.

The snow started to come down heavily. We have a very good cook in our hospital. He's a chef in a restaurant. Your behavior puzzles me. I don't agree with his line of action.

He got a zero for conduct again. I'll drive you to town on Monday. I had luck; somebody turned in his train reservation at the last minute. The poor fellow had tough luck. He came here and got sick immediately. I'll never believe it. Go straight ahead; then turn to the left. Let's turn back. Turn over on the other side. What a room! You can't even turn around!

I never expected this matter to take such a turn. How could you ever say such a thing? Put a raincoat over your overcoat. Don't worry; it's only a superficial wound. He's a superficial person. You're judging this superficially.

All right, we've had our fun; now let's stop it. Hang the picture a little higher. Hanging is too good for a man who does such things. I'll take you there by a new way today. Send out the notice about the meeting. What's on the day's agenda? He got a summons to court. Have you read the stories of Turgenev?

When will I be able to see the director? Most probably I won't be able to see him today. Apparently the train is late. You evidently don't understand what's going on here. What was the cause of the argument? I don't think I gave him any reason to talk to me like that. What would you say on that score? He gets excited on the slightest provocation. We'll talk about it further. I got down and led the horse by the reins.

Don't you know that his secretary leads him around by the nose? Their house is right around the bend. Danger, sharp curve! There's a turn for the better in our relationship. Watch your step! You don't want to get into a quarrel with him, do you?

He likes to grumble a little. Have a drink; it won't hurt you. I'm afraid that your interfering will only do him harm. He's got a big bruise on his elbow and an injury to the bone.

The telephone is out of order. Call the repair office. I've been everywhere. You'll find this newspaper anywhere. There are dramatic clubs all over the Soviet Union. There are good restaurants throughout the city.

Repeat it, please; I didn't hear you. My homework is almost finished. I only have to go over my vocabulary.

It wouldn't hurt you to run over your grammar. Don't repeat that; people will laugh at you. All he knows is to parrot what other people say. We were able to raise our output a great deal. This review increased the interest in his book. Prices have gone up a great deal. Please don't raise your voice. When can I take the bandage off my arm? Fortunately, we were able to put out the fire quickly. Put the candle out. Yesterday the lights went out suddenly in our house. I'm just dying of boredom here.

You're wasting your talent; you should have been a comedian. He died at the front. My son was petting the dog and she bit him. All my wash is already ironed. They won't thank us for it. Look at what they are doing! You go to the theater and I'll watch the children. It's my impression that something's not right here.

You'll have to talk to the manager. They talked about it for about two days and then forgot about it. The weather was terrible all week long. Don't let grass grow under your feet. You've got to get out and do something. Wait, he'll be out in a minute.

Wait and see, you're going to get it from your father! Call a little later. Everybody, without exception, is guilty. How many men will you need for loading? Keep quiet — you'll ruin the whole thing. Let's go take a walk. You've had your fun; let's get down to work now. You'll have to put the suitcase under the bed. He's just under fifty.

I keep these things under lock and key. She's been under a doctor's care for several years now. I served under his command. She's entirely under his influence. He writes under a pen name. They used to live a floor below us. Put a sweater on underneath your overcoat. At that time they were fighting near Leningrad. This empty lot was made into a vegetable garden.

I only fell asleep towards morning. The road goes downhill now. We had to stand in the rain for an hour. I have everything handy here. I met him New Year's Eve. What does that term mean to you? He used clippers on me. Let me take your arm. He was put on trial for it. She was a waitress in a lunchroom. Will you serve us quickly please? We have to make a train. We always serve tea in glasses. He gave no cause for suspicion.

You shouldn't have given him any false hopes. He sets a bad example for you. Be sure to show you know nothing about it. This violinist shows promise. There wasn't any word from him for six months. Yesterday at dinner I almost choked on a bone. If he's done it, there's all the more reason why you should be able to. If you find it's hard to hear, think how much harder it is for her. I don't know what to give him for a present. The author himself made me a present of this book.

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